Tuesday, 16 October 2012


The dogs seek preys!

These dogs want to hunt
But there’s no prey

The hunter, dog trainer
Now must suffer the venom
Of these dogs.
So now he moans, he moans
The dogs swoop on his treasured
Body parts. Now scattered in trillion bags.

The hunter seeks soul help
But oh! Who, who will deliver
The god from the might of it’s
Handiwork? Who? Who?

21:40, 7/10/2012, Legon.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I, Aniglida, am the dangerous serpent.
When we, the snakes of our forests
Take thirty-seven log strokes
From the hands of our enemies,
I walked safely home
While the rest of my generation
Ache and quake and cake in a cage
Of eternal death.

I am the most courageous soul;
All others may suffer comas
At the sight of one half of my woes
But since a hunter doesn’t say
All the mysteries of his art
I kept my secrets upon oath.

It is not cowardice
That mutes the cat
At the sight of events
That makes dogs bark with shameless thunders.
Let the gourd that thinks itself the greatest
Pay a visit to the riverside at dawn.

 30/5/2012 Lome, Togo.

Harvested Ash

In the deep womb of time
Are built silos of chime

When the tiger searches maize
In sprinting hunger haze
And dashes to the silos in a splash
Finds in them only ash

So let the limping lions lie
Let the dying dogs die
Let the melting magma melt
And let them not look up for help!

30/08/2012 Mafi- Kumase