Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Clan-root’s Demise

who sealed the mouth of  crocodile’s children,
Whatever prompted Kutsiami to boat you mid-duty
Blurred the diviners’ visions
And tamed the leopard-clan

Root of the clan,
They say
Crocodile children clamped you
On a gun’s noose
Watching watching
If you will shiver
As a Tuesday man of the leopard family
Your smile set fire to their dreams
So they pulled the trigger
Placed you on the dining table
For Salagatsi to feast upon

Death eats juicy hearts from our clan-house
But yours
Must appease Salagatsi’s eternal hunger
He has gone too far
Death swept too fast
Even seers were deaf to his lingo

Let death know that
It just touched a bee-gourd
With a left finger

The fire still burns

Your fire still burns