Sunday, 8 December 2013

If You Are Priscilla I Will Be Gabriella

Come, oh, celestial queen
Let me carry you in my palanquin
You are not a chloroquine
To be washed away with so-kiln

It is an abomination
Not to harvest determination
To make you my possession
Though in economic deprivation

You said your name is Priscilla,
Oh I will give you a crystal clear Chrysler.
I will change my name to Gabriella
To rhyme with yours at Shangri-la

Did you say you work at Metropolitan
Or you said Cosmopolitan?
Whichever it is, sine or tan
Any theta shall make a perfect pun

Sorry I let my heart out
In this market with a shout
With no dream streams of doubt
I know these hidden seeds will surely sprout!

30/06/2011 Adabraka