Friday, 21 March 2014

No New Name

Do not yet name me among the vulture clan
I still breathe the aroma of home

I am the tiger skin’s proverbial spots
Journeying into tomorrow
Holding yesterday in the right palm
Staying unwashed by the blazing rains of alien climes

Whenever Dzatugbui calls
Her miracle voice licks my tongue
Refreshing my voice
My voice that is haunted each day by foreign saliva
Whenever Wosekpo calls
The truth in her smile waters the planted cord
That links me to my earth,
Mending the fragmentation in the present snow-burns
Whenever Abena calls
The melodies in her eyes
Light the candle in my loins
Massaging every framework
To the point of a final libation to the god of innocence
Pleading to break the vow
Whenever Kafui, Dzigbordi and Selorm call
I go into memory-bank
Of childhood and the dreams of the present
Of our naivety about false ritualistic ecstasies

I must be home soon
But now, my land,
Do not name me among the vulture clan