Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Shakti; the clash of lightning, shining through the soul
Let people take away from me food and air
But if you are taken away
I start to die

Your lips my weakness
They shoot sunrays into my heart
And your hips put to shame
The Pacific Popcorn Flower,
Your eyes and the moon are twins
Your eyes magnetise than Jupiter’s magnetosphere

Like the hurricane
You destroy all beauties in your sight
What are rubies before you?
The clothing of a street beggar

The longest distance between us
Is the sound of our breath!
We are two hearts; Glued with the honey

Invade me with your lips
Stab me with your tongue
Pierce me with your fingers
And let my rod penetrate
The garden between your legs;
Leaving each other
Wanting more of every second,
And remain imprisoned until

Our stars lead us home